Usman Ali Associates 286-Y DHA Phase-3

Lahore, Pakistan


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The idea of establishing DHAP was conceived in the year 2007. The evolving of DHAP underwent the processes of thorough deliberations, identification and selection of number of sites, legalities, the legislative necessities and acquisition of Land. DHAP is a statutory body formed under KPK Assembly Act called DHAP Act 2009. With firm legal and legislative grounding the Authority embarked upon the task of providing a sustainable, healthy and first of its kind housing society for the population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This housing society is taking off with remarkable planning and meticulous urban development to ultimately evolve as the largest and leading residential estate of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. DHAP profoundly holds the privilege of being the first ever housing authority determined to provide the world class living environment in a well guarded community with all essential amenities to add quality to the life, promising growth and advancement. The Authority regulates the impeccable functioning with a well-managed and governed administration striving to provide best educational, recreational and civic facilities to the residents in an aesthetic environment in pursuit of its vision. DHAP has attained a valuable status through innovation, setting a benchmark for its competitors for providing best living standards in the Province.

Location & Future Aspects

Category DateRate
1 Kanal 16-OCT-2019 46 LAC
10 MARLA 16-OCT-2019 28.60 LAC
5 MARLA 16-OCT-2019 17.25 LAC

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